Bernard F. Shinkman

I was delighted  to see the story about the Berlin  Airlift in
the May 1998 issue    of "The Officer" magazine.  It  brought
back vivid memories from  my childhood.
     My father, Paul  A. Shinkman, flew in the Airlift,  but not as
an active duty military  person.  He had a long and distinguished
career as a foreign correspondent,  covering  Europe over a period
of four decades, from the '20's through the '50's, for the "Chicago
Tribune" and King Features Syndicate, chronicling world-changing events
such as Charles Lindberg's flight and Adolph Hitler's rise to power.
(Much of his experience was  reported in the book "So Little Disillusion".)
One of the events he reported which had a dramatic impact on this
experienced newsman was the Berlin Airlift.  The precision and magnitude
of the operation, and the bravery, courage and skills of the military personnel
with whom he flew made an indelible impression on him.  We learned
of it through his regular recalling of the experience during our childhood’s.
It made a lasting  impression on this family -- as it did on the world, showing
the true determination of  freedom-loving.