Daniel Bunting

I was a Junior in High School, attending Berlin
Hi 1947- 48. I recall how the  Russians tried to
force us out of Berlin, by shutting off all electric power at night, as they
controlled the main generators for the city. Cold showers and early meals, and
walking home at night, as there was no street  lighting, nor was the U-bahn
  working. My father was Chief of  Transportation, and in charge of the
Berlin operation. I helped out during my spare time by
 helping unload planes loaded with coal. When I returned to the
U.S. to complete my Senior year, I flew out of Berlin on one of our "lift"
planes. I was a bit frightened  when, as we entered the Russian
zone, two MIGS fell to either  side of our plane, so close one
       could see their faces. They were  there to escort us to the Western
 zone. I was quite relieved when  we cleared the Russian Zone,
and approached Wiesbaden and Rhein 

Daniel Bunting