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The Berlin Airlift Veterans Association Web Site is the only web site in the world with the exclusive rights to these cartoons. This is indeed a
 pleasure to present the Berlin Airlift's Great cartoonist John "Jake" Schuffert's original Berlin Airlift Cartoons. AIR LIFT LAFFS as a tribute
                               to the men and women who served the BERLIN AIRLIFT!

  A SAD note to all reading this, Recently John "Jake" Schuffert passed away.
It will be a GREAT loss to the world and most especially to the
  United States Armed Forces. I was blessed to meet him only a week or so before passed on.  God Bless you Jake, and my thoughts will
    always be with you! Prior to the passing of "Jake" I had the opportunity to here one fantastic annoucement.  At the BAVA reunion in
 Washington D.C. "Jake" turned over all rights to all of his cartoons to the men and women of the Berlin Airlift Veterans Association.  Though
                          his passing will be a great loss, he blessed us with this last wonderful gift.

1948 - 49

Here is a look at the very last cartoon that "Jake" created

Created shortly before the 1998 Berlin Airlift Veterans Reunion in Washington D.C.

Now, My Personal Favorite!


   The daily newspaper for the Berlin Airlift was called
                         THE TASK FORCE TIMES whose editor, Bill Thompson
and crew, was given complete editorial freedom.
                                      The newspapers cartoonist was Technical Sergeant John Schuffert, who,
                 in the words of General Tunner ( Task Force Commander )

                         "Had an extraordinary knack in giving its readers just what they
                         wanted to see.  His cartoons were raw and bitter and played up
                            to everything disagreeable on the Airlift, but they brought a smile
                        to their readers' faces, and they added greatly to the popularity
                of the TASK FORCE TIMES.  Schuffert had carte blanch;
         I was the only person who could censor him, and I did
             only a couple of occasions when the latrine - type humor
                            he liked was a little too raw.  He particularly loved to pick on one
                          of my base commanders.  After one especially deflating cartoon
                      the Base Commander went to the foolish extreme of banning
          the paper from the base.  I countermanded the order.
            Schuffert drove USAFE Headquarters crazy.
         I was constantly fighting for him."
OVER THE HUMP by William H. Tunner
             Used by permission from Mrs. William H. Tunner