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BAVA membership is open to anyone who supports the BAVA goals listed in this Web Site.

To apply write a letter with the information requested below with a check for the applicable dues to: W.C. SOUTHERS, 1510 Shamrock Dr. Duncanville, Texas 75137-4024

Include in your letter: 1. Name, address, also e-mail and FAX if applicable, and telephone number. 2. A statement that you understand and support the goals of BAVA. 3. State the category you are applying under from the list below and provide the requested information for that category. 4. Include dues for one year, $20; three years, $50; or life membership, $150. 5. Mail it to W.C. Southers. You will receive acknowledgement.

CATEGORIES: 1. Berlin Airlift Veterans, including those in Mildenhall who directly supported the Airlift. There may be some benefits not available to non-Berlin Airlift Veterans. To qualify you must provide: when you served between 26 June 1948 and 30 September 1949; where you served; your assignment; and your organization. 2. Spouses of deceased Berlin Airlift veterans and their children. The same information, as much as possible, is required for the deceased spouse as in 1. above. 3. Military service veterans should briefly list their period of military service, branch, and their major assignment. Members of the Army and Navy were deeply involved in the Airlift and those should apply under 1. and 2. above. 4. Non-veterans should list their interest in aviation and the Berlin Airlift and their major field on interest and time in that field. There may be some non-veterans who served on the Airlift as civilians. They should apply under 1. above. 5. Applicants from other nations are also welcome using the same instructions above. Thousands from other nations were involved in the Berlin Airlift.

For answers to other questions Email W.C. Southers at NSLTEX@aol.com