By Ingeborg Lee
Although I didn't live in Berlin, I also benefitted  from the Airlift.
I was born and raised in Celle and was almost 3 years old in early 1949.
My mother had taken me in my stroller to look at the first dolls available in
Celle after the war. We were admiring the beautiful dolls displayed in the
window of the small toy store, when an American flyer ( either stationed in
Celle or on town leave waiting for his plane to be turned around)
approached us. He said something that my mother couldn't  understand  and
lifted me from my stroller. He then walked into the toy store with me and said
something to the sales lady. I remember vividly her turning to me and telling
me to pick out a doll. I pointed to a large one and it was handed to me. This
wonderful American then placed me and this beautiful doll back into my
stroller, mumbled something to my mother (who, I guess, was still in shock)
and left.Does anyone remember this incident? I would very much like to thank this
wonderful man for my first doll! I have been living in the USA since 1966, married to an American I met in Celle during another problem with Berlin: "The Berlin Crisis" ( building of
"The Wall").

Ingeborg Lee