The Berlin Airlift Veterans Association is a Non-Profit organization of men
and women who served on the Berlin Airlift from it's beginning in 1948
until Its' termination in 1949. It was started in 1990 by Berlin Airlift veterans and
is open to ALL who served in the Berlin Airlift from any and all countries involved.
United States, Great Britain, France and Germany were the main contributors
to this GREAT humanitarian and Aviation Feat but if you were involved or you had
a family member who served or were one of the 2 1/2 million it helped in
Berlin you are welcome as well. Over the last 7 years since its' birth,
The Berlin Airlift Veterans Association has grown in leaps and bounds.
As the word gets out about this fantastic organization more and more members have joined.

Just in its' first year the Association achieved its three primary goals.

1) The donation of a sizable amount to defray the copyright fee for using the replica
of the Berlin Airlift Memorials that stand at Rhine Main AFB in Frankfurt
and Templehoff Airport in Berlin. Note: The replica now stands facing a section
of the Berlin wall in the newly constructed Airlift Memorial Garden located
at Military Airlift Command Headquarters, Scott AFB Illinois.

2) Establish a membership roster which has been Accomplished but needs to
be expanded to by each member seeking out and signing new members.

3) Also met by donations to the Luftbrucke Chapter Airlift Association by aiding
in the development of a visitors center at the Berlin Airlift Memorial
"Freedom of Flight" museum also located at Rhine Main AFB.

As time goes by some of the most miraculous feats in history are overlooked
in the history books and the Berlin Airlift is no exception. This association is not just
a reunion type group but we want to spread the word of the WORLDS GREATEST
humanitarian undertaking the world has ever known.

Not to mention the Greatest Aviation undertaking as well.