One Long Trip
Personal account by: Lewis D. Whipple
I was stationed at Tachikawa AFB in Japan with the 317th Troop
Carrier Wing when  we received orders that we would procede to
 RAF Station Celle in Germany to participate in the Berlin Airlift.
 Our flying personnel left with their planes and the ground support troops boarded the USAT Sgt. Sylvester  J. Antolak for our 40 day voyage to Germany.  There were over 1,000 troops aboard the ship and we were only off wice during the voyage.  We had 8 hours in Honolulu and a Christmas part in the Panama
Canal.  Being an 18 year old it was quite an experience and I
was fortunate not have ever been seasick.  As far as I know our
unit travelled the farthest distance.

 Lewis Dale Whipple