How Well Do You Know the Saviour?

There once was a man who had died and was awaiting his final interview so that he could reenter Father in Heaven's presence. As he waited he could hear through the walls the interview he was about to have being given to another person.

This man heard the interviewer ask the other person "Tell me what you know about Jesus Christ." In response the person answered "Well, he was born in Bethlehem during the year 0 ad. during which time a star shone down from Heaven announcing his birth and angels appeared..." the man was interrupted by the interviewer "Yes, yes, this is true, but tell me what you know about Jesus Christ!" The person being interviewed continued "Well, he paid for our sins through the atonement where he suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane, was tortured by the guards of Rome and eventually Crucified on the hill of..." the interviewer again interrupted saying "Yes, yes, all this you say is true, but would you please tell me what you know of Jesus Christ!" The man being interviewed being all confused said "I guess I am not sure what you expect of me." The interviewer then ended the interview thanking the man for his time.

After hearing this the man waiting to be interviewed was invited in for his own interview, nervous as you can imagine. As he entered the room, with tears in his eyes, the man fell to his knees and stated "My Lord, My God, My King!'